*Our successes are consistent, however our outputs do change from fiscal year to year.

  • 58 teachers and administrators served on-site using one-on-one personalized support for classroom behavior management and staff trainings for tackling problems encountered in our urban schools. The emphasis was on reducing teacher stress and burnout, increasing academic achievement, and improving the overall learning environment for more than 1,780 kids.

  • 388 students in Newark public schools received classroom interventions, individual and group counseling, as well as consultation with their teachers and administration, all with a strong focus on helping kids become and remain competent learners.

  • Our Child Study Team evaluated 125 students and met with 625 parents, educators, and administrators in Newark non-public and charter schools, ranging from pre-schools to high schools. We provided relevant services off-site during or after school hours.

  • Other activities include consultation and staff training at ASPIRA, United Vailsburg Services Organization, and United Way of Union County benefiting an additional 156 youth and 59 staff.

  • 366 children and their parents and/or caregivers were served in our outpatient clinic through evaluation, consultation, and individual and family therapy sessions. The range of behavioral health problems addressed include anger management, depression, aggression, grief and loss, social maladjustment, academic failure, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Referrals came through Newark public, private, and charter schools, Rutgers Children’s Mobile Response, Partnership for Children of Essex County, Department of Child Protection and Permanency, and from parents and/or caregivers. We offered bilingual counseling and psychological evaluations.

  • Our clinicians used the Behavior Assessment Scale for Children/BASC for evaluation of clients. This is a normed and standardized measure of behavioral functioning in children. It is administered at the beginning and end of service provision. CYFS staff also use satisfaction surveys and ongoing consultation to determine how each project is unfolding. Outpatient evaluation is determined by rate of referrals and Quality Assurance exit evaluations. To date, our staff has received a 99% satisfaction rate from clients and partners.