Safiya Bashir, M.A. – “ Working at YDC allows me the opportunity to give back  and provide a service to a community that has given me so much.”

Robert Varnay,  M.A., L.A.C. - “YDC enables me to live out my value of ‘loving my neighbor’, serving in my hometown of Newark. I am given the support I need as a clinician to focus on client care through skillful supervision and adept administration.“

Veronica Franco , M.A. - “Working at YDC never feels like ‘work.’ It is a place where I feel genuinely happy. I look forward to going to work. Our clients receive services from people who really care about them and work well together. Everyone is incredibly supportive of each other and always willing to listen to concerns. Our clinicians volunteer extra time to make sure everything is done in the best possible way. I appreciate so much the quality of the work that we do. At YDC, staff goes above and beyond to ensure quality care and respect for each other and our clients. “

Kindlyne Vilcant, M.A., Eds - “I enjoy working at YDC because it gives me a sense of autonomy and responsibility to the clients that I serve. I see a variety of clients which gives me an opportunity to diversify my skills”

Eric Yellin, M.S. – “What makes YDC a great place to work is the people, from the supervisors to the support staff to the other therapists. It’s a welcoming and friendly environment where you can learn and grow as a clinician. You’re encouraged to try new things and adapt new strategies in order to meet the clientele where they are presently and provide them with the highest level of care possible. YDC also offers the opportunity to work with clients of all ages and provide a wide range of evidence based services to meet their treatment goals. It is truly a special environment through and through.”

Schenike Massie, M.A. – “I truly believe that YDC is a community respite and second home for many of the people we work with. It has been a pleasure to work among other professionals who exhibit a passion for what we do and to treat clients who work so hard to meet their goals. Knowing all of that makes it so easy to love the work that I do.”