YDC is currently contracted with DCPP to provide psychological and evaluation services.  These services include:

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS: (including contract rates)

Court Ordered Evaluations (Rates: 106.50/hr.; 12  hours)                                                          Non Court-Ordered Evaluation (Rates: 89.25/hr; 6 hours)                                                                            o  Parenting Competency  o  Risk Assessment  o  Identify service needs                              o  Non Court-Ordered Specialty Evaluation (Rates: 89.25/hr; 8 hours)                                                        o  Psychosexual Evaluations     o Neuropsychological/Cognitive Status

INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY AND COUPLES THERAPY (Court and Non-Court Ordered)                     (SARs should be for 14 units individual - 14 units each of individual/group for DBT)       

*We now offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with DBT-trained clinicians. This is a highly effective therapy for adults and adolescents/ with emotional regulation disorders and histories of trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management problems *

Rates:  Individual counseling/psychotherapy -                                                                                                                   MA (licensed): 57.80;  Psychologist (Phd/PsyD): 89.25;                            Family/Couples/Group:  51.50 per member/person  (Each member requires a separate SAR) 

     All ages —Preschool to Adult.     We specialize in:                                                                             o  Parent-Child Interaction Therapy   o  Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy                        o Family Therap          o  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy*                                                                                                            *DBT requires one individual AND one group session per week.  

Sample of Issues addressed:                                                                                                              .          ·   Therapeutic Visitation/Family reunification       ·   Trauma       ·   Anxiety Disorders ·      Behavior Problems        ·     Loss & Bereavement           ·     Child Developmental Problems      ·      Special needs children        ·     Parenting Issues                .   Infant Mental Health

Bi-lingual (English-Spanish/Portuguese/Creole) available for evaluations and therapy


Please complete the referral form below and submit.  Our office staff will contact you with an appointment day/time based on your requested days/times and clinician availability. 

PLEASE EMAIL THE SAR THROUGH DHS SECURE EMAIL TO:                                                                    OR  FAX to: 973-623-3203.                                                                             (REQUIRED W/IN 72 HRS TO KEEP APPOINTMENT)


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REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION - Court order and SAR are required to be emailed or faxed to YDC within 72 hrs or before the first appointment. Please email on DHS secure email to OR FAX to 973.-623-3203 *
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