Cultivating social, emotional, and educational well-being.


For nearly six decades, the Youth Development Clinic (YDC) has been dedicated to providing behavioral health services for children and families in Newark, Essex County, and surrounding communities. We work to attain effective personal, family, and community functioning through outpatient services, school consultation and counseling, and personal development.  

In close partnership with educational and social service organizations, we work to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of local families, using empirically-based and culturally-relevant methods for cultivating social, emotional, and educational well being – things we believe every child deserves.



We provide Medicaid outpatient mental health services for children and families in Newark and on-site, community-based services in the surroundings areas of New Jersey.

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We are a private, nonprofit organization working to cultivate social, emotional, and educational well-being for youth and their families.

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